Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness

Total Body Wellness is an understanding of  one’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual factors as a whole. This pillar helps you learn ways to make an impact on your daily quality of life and increase your ability to thrive. Learn ways to improve all aspects of your body’s health while applying these techniques to reach a new pinnacle of personal health. Start implementing new tactics that help you go beyond what you would have expected.

Total Body Wellness will include the following topics:

  • Nutrients To Support Functions
  • Nutrition & Mindful Eating
  • Releasing Bad Habit Buildup
  • Enhancing Your Health Journey

Total Body Wellness: The Key to True Health

Total body wellness sits at the crux between lifestyle and healing. Coined by lifelong medical professional Dr. Carolyn Dean, this multi-faceted approach to health and wellbeing recognizes the importance of symbiosis within the body. Total body wellness follows a distinct philosophy that every single facet of your health plays an important role in your mood and wellbeing.

Following this holistic approach entails adhering to the following principles, each of which acts as a pillar to the mind and body. Feeling healthy is empowering, and without the constant stress of anxiety or illness, pain and injury, the body can truly thrive.


Nutrients are key to the creation and preservation of healthy cells. Calcium and vitamin D help protect the skeletal system, produce folic acid, and maintain new cells, while vitamin A helps to preserve a healthy immune system and vision.

Note that many vitamins have a variety of positive effects throughout the body. This is because of the body’s interconnected makeup. The human body’s biological functions are all intertwined, and modern medicine – as advanced as it is – can sometimes overlook the importance of these correlated systems.

The real power of supplements has yet to be fully understood via placebo-controlled, randomized trials. However, initial studies have started to show some incredible benefits: vitamin D has been recognized as a strong defense against depression, diabetes and the common cold, while Omega-3 fatty acids reputedly show potential for warding off strokes.

The following PDF delves deeper into the potential health benefits of supplements.

Releasing Bad Habit Buildup

Bad health habits are actions you make that have a negative effect on the body. One example of an all-too-common bad habit is poor posture.

Good posture can provide surprising mental and physical benefits. Sitting up straight and walking with neutral shoulders helps to project a confident appearance; which in turn has positive effects on social interactions, triggering the brain to release large amounts of the feel-good hormone, dopamine.

Maintaining good posture is even more vital to physical health, however, as It increases muscle strength; corrects muscular imbalances, and helps support wide ranges of motion through the joints.

Dr Carolyn Dean

Nutrition & Mindful Eating

Fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts all contain key nutrients. Sometimes, it is not the nutrient itself that is most important. For example, iron is a major contributor to healthy hemoglobin, but its absorption by the body is enabled by Vitamin C.

Mindful eating is a way of valuing the food you consume. Whilst eating, it is important to stay present and monitor passing thoughts and feelings. By paying attention to food and its effects on the psyche and body, a stronger relationship with food is developed.

Enhancing Your Health Journey

 Total body wellness encompasses an entire lifestyle. However, it is impossible to suddenly jump into every aspect of total body health. Attempting to reconfigure your entire lifestyle so suddenly and rapidly could cause complications. Instead, it is most sustainable to start with small, incremental steps. By acting on one segment at a time, a happy, healthy body and mind are both achievable and life-lasting.

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