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Every Monday @ 7pm EST, Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND and cohost Ginney Sanders come together to moderate a community-driven podcast supporting personal health freedom and a total body approach to wellness. Listen as Dr Dean provides new information and insight while answering questions from the audience. You are invited to join us live, call-in with your questions, and be part of an experience that everyone benefits from when coming together.

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About The Dr Dean Podcast

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND has committed 45+ years to helping others identify ways to feel better, find more energy, and take control of their personal health. Dr Dean invites you to join us for this weekly LIVE event as we come together to learn new things, help one another, and become better from the experience.

This podcast is a way for Dr Dean to continue helping others achieve their own level of health freedom by encouraging them to learn more about how their body functions. People love listening to Dr Dean and her unique ability to make the most complicated issues easy to understand and take action on. And that’s why they have decided to make this weekly podcast part of their healthy lifestyle goals as they continue their personal health journey.