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Personal Care

Trying to take care of yourself when you are concerned about all of the unknowns in the products you use can sometimes feel complicated, but this pillar takes you back to the basics. This pillar helps take us all back to the basics where keeping it natural doesn’t have to create a lot of extra in your lifestyle. Learn how to take a more natural approach to taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Discover and share eco-friendly tips, time and money saving techniques, and DIY recipes that help you be more aware of your personal care.

Personal Care will include the following topics:

  • Skin and Hair Care
  • Dental Health
  • Oral and Nasal Cleansing
  • Proper Bathroom Techniques

An Introduction to Personal Care

This pillar will look at personal care, exploring how maintaining a comprehensive personal care routine helps to promote physical and mental wellbeing, with a particular focus on oral and nasal hygiene.

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Skin Care

With so many uncertainties about some of the ingredients contained in beauty products, trying to exercise self-care can be a complicated business. However, keeping it natural does not have to equate to big changes in lifestyle. With a few DIY recipes, time and money-saving techniques and eco-friendly tips, consumers can become more aware of their personal care.

The embedded PDF takes a closer look at what is involved in a comprehensive skin care routine and why it is important in terms of maintaining great skin condition and shielding skin from environmental damage.

Oral Health

Taking care of oral health is more important than most people realize. A person’s oral health can actually provide powerful insights into their health overall. In fact, some problems that affect the mouth can actually affect the rest of the body too.

Like other regions of the body, the mouth harbors bacteria. Most of this is harmless. However, it is important to keep in mind that the mouth is the entry point to the respiratory and digestive tracts, and that some types of bacteria can cause disease. The embedded infographic provides statistics about oral hygiene in the United States.

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Oral Health

The ear, nose and throat deserve daily attention, according to experts, who recommend nasal rinses as part of a daily routine. The sinus cavities are effectively tiny tunnels that run through the bones of the face. They have many different functions, some relating to the movement of air.

When the body produces too much mucous – an occurrence often triggered by allergies or a virus – it can clog sinus cavities, resulting in sensations of pressure and pain and, potentially, a full-blown sinus infection. Also referred to as a nasal lavage or nasal wash, a nasal rinse can clear these clogged pathways in the sinus. Using a saline solution to flush sinus cavities also prevents growth of bacteria, significantly decreasing symptoms, as well as the risk of future sinus infections.

The embedded video provides more information about what a nasal rinse involves, outlining some of the main health benefits in terms of helping to eliminate nasal congestion and reduce the risk of sinus infection.

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