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Where do young people get their health advice these days? By “young” I mean late teens to 30s. Not from schools and not from doctors. Medical school is woefully remiss in teaching even the basic aspects of nutrition and certainly doesn’t promote dietary supplements in any meaningful way.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

Doctors diagnose disease and treat disease symptoms with drugs. They tell women over 50 to take too much calcium that leads to heart disease and calcification; they may prescribe dangerously high doses of Vitamin D (50,000iu); they tell patients that supplements just make expensive urine; that supplements aren’t necessary because we get all our nutrients in a good diet; and they wait until their patients get really sick from nutrient deficiency diseases and treat them with toxic medications. I’m not overstating the facts – you can ready my book Death by Modern Medicine to learn how illness makes more money than wellness.

If young people can’t get accurate health advice from allopathic medicine, where do they go? They go to the Internet and a world of biohackers and influencers that may tell them to play havoc with their blood sugar by eating 16 bananas a day or to take extremely high doses of this or that synthetic nutrient with no idea of the consequences. Also, being a strict vegan has become equated with a righteous diet.

Vegan and Vegetarian Diets

Here is my experience with a vegan diet – my foster daughter was convinced it was the most healthy and humane diet possible. She certainly knew my preference for animal protein, but she stuck loyally to the diet for about 20 years even though she had chronic insomnia and many other health issues. She was even a vegan health consultant. When she told her vegan influencer friends that she had a host of symptoms, she was told that she was not strict enough on her diet. It wasn’t until she started losing teeth from lack of protein that she expanded her diet to include meat and began to sleep again.

I have never understood how vegan and vegetarian diets that are followed by only 4% of the U.S. population can be touted as the “best” diet. If it were that good and people were feeling awesome on the diet, wouldn’t more people be eating that way? Instead, it’s become a guilt-ridden hammer to toss at non-believers. Obviously, you should follow a diet that makes you feel happy and healthy and not do so to be politically correct.

Health Complexities Simplified

Amongst all the complexity and chaos of trying to maintain health these days, here’s what I’ve learned in over 5 decades about staying healthy. We are magnesium deficient, and we are overloaded with yeast. How do we combat these two problems?

We are magnesium deficient because plants take up magnesium from the soil, eventually leaving it depleted and magnesium is not a standard fertilizer. Processing and cooking food removes magnesium. Water treatment plants remove minerals, including magnesium. Drugs, coffee, sweating, surgery, and stress all deplete magnesium.

Yeast overgrowth is a modern phenomenon. Antibiotics became widely accessible to the public in the mid 1940s and yeast was born! Antibiotics don’t discriminate, they kill off good and bad bacteria. In the vacuum created in the gut, yeast flourish. Yeast buds live in the large intestine, but they begin infiltrating the small intestine as thread like organisms to fill that vacuum. They poke holes in the small intestinal lining creating leaky gut which allows undigested food molecules and 78 yeast toxins free passage into the blood stream. All those foreign substances cause allergy and autoimmune reactions throughout the body.

Health 101 Recommendations

  1. Stay hydrated. But it’s not just water that your cells are seeking. It’s also minerals. So, I recommend drinking sea salted water. Measure your weight in pounds. Divide that number in half and drink that many ounces of water a day. in each liter or quart of water put ¼ tsp of a good colorful sea salt. The 72 minerals in sea salt will be absorbed into cells and pull water in after them keeping it from causing fluid retention in your fingers and ankles.
  2. Become saturated with magnesium. This mineral is extremely important because it regulates 80% of known metabolic functions. A picometer-sized, stabilized ion of magnesium will allow you to take enough magnesium to saturate your cells and make your body work efficiently. It will even help detoxify the second reason for chronic ill health, yeast overgrowth.
  3. Control the yeast (Candida albicans) living in your body to avoid yeast overgrowth, leaky gut, and the absorption of its 78 different toxins that can cause symptoms from head to foot. There’s definitely a dietary component that can help starve yeast – avoid refined sugar, and limit gluten and dairy to every third day and eat only 2 pieces of fruit a day. To combat the yeast itself, I recommend a gentle antifungal, probiotic called Sacchromyces bourlardii, a probiotic humic/fulvic acid, and picometer silver.

A picometer trace mineral complex can help support thyroid hormone production, adrenal function, and sex hormone balance. You can also benefit from Omega-3 algae, Vitamins D3, K2, C, and picometer zinc plus copper in flu season. It’s a very simple program that touches on every aspect of cell physiology and organ function.

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Conclusion: All the toxic things that we know are bad for us culminate in yeast overgrowth and are perpetuated by magnesium deficiency.


Carolyn Dean MD ND
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