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Biohacking is defined as the practice of making incremental changes to one’s body, diet, and lifestyle to improve health and well-being. The practice is focused on supporting metabolic processes in the body through specific supplementations, exercise, and additional devices to enhance biological function.
A lot of people have gotten involved with Biohacking because the medical system has let them down by not promoting preventive measures but waiting until patients get sick enough to be prescribed drugs. That’s no longer true: Allopathetic medicine is pushing toxic drugs that you take to “prevent” disease from getting worse that you have to take for life. On top of that, Big Agra and Big Food have commercialized the food supply for profit and not to provide healthy options.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Downward Spiral of Health

Unfortunately, supplement companies have piled onto the Biohacking craze and are pushing hundreds of synthetic, non-organic “miracle cures” that take your money and don’t make you healthy. I write about the downward spiral of health that has caused Total Body Meltdown and make people vulnerable to Biohacking “miracle cures.”

Well, I’m here to say that Biohacking is no longer required because improvement in health and well-being and Total Body Meltdown is completely accessible with my Completement Formulas and educational information through my books, webinars, radio show and websites: and

Recently with the publication of my latest book, Magnesium: The Missing Link to Total Health (Revised), I’ve been doing a lot of fun podcasts and many of the interviewers call themselves Biohackers. So, I’ve been declaring that I’ve been biohacking since before they were even born and I have the answers to all their biohacking questions. It’s quite cheeky of me but it’s true!!

Biohacking came to me naturally; I’ve been doing it since the late 60s – which is over 55 years. When Bob, my husband, and I traveled from Nova Scotia all the way to Seattle and then Los Angeles in our late teens, we stayed with a friend who had a health library. I was mesmerized and attended a natural health conference and got hooked on health, not drugs which were the “in thing” in California in the late 60s.

The Long Road to What Works 

From then until today I’ve been experimenting with every health modality and health supplement ever invented. I’ve set up my own IV chelation to see what it was like. The lesson I learned was that EDTA chelation may pull out heavy metals, but it also strips the body of vital minerals; same with intense saunas. I even became addicted to coffee by doing coffee enemas and I destroyed my taste for olive oil by doing olive oil grapefruit juice liver/gall bladder flushes.

By 2006, I felt I had enough information to produce 101 health modules and send them out to online subscribers weekly. I put all that I’d learned in the previous 25 years into those modules. But in 2008, we all had to take a step back because the economy crashed. My subscribers began telling me they didn’t have time to read my modules they just wanted me to tell them specifically what supplements they should take so they could keep up with the world.

Right around that same time I found a chemist who could make a highly concentrated magnesium solution in the form of stabilized ions that did not have a laxative effect. This miraculous discovery meant that I could resolve my own severe magnesium deficiency symptoms and offer picometer magnesium to the public.

On the interviews I do, I can’t mention product names because the FDA won’t let supplement companies imply that their products can heal disease. “Only drugs can heal disease” is what they say with a straight face! But I can say that picometer-sized mineral ions are what the cells require for their metabolic functions and solve mineral deficiencies. Food based, methylated, organic vitamins are also highly absorbed, compared to synthetic vitamins that are not even recognized by the body. Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of algae are my go-to instead of highly processed fish oils or depleting stocks of krill, which is the main food of humpback whales.

Going Bust But Getting Well

I say all this on podcasts but some of the interviewers can’t openly agree with me because it means their biohacking “business” would go bust if people started taking my formulas and no longer needed to Biohack. If you drink sea-salted water, take picometer, stabilized mineral ions and food-based vitamins and Omega-3 algae, you have all the proper building blocks to make perfect cells and you need to Biohack No More. Add to my formulas an organic diet, avoiding seed oils, sugar, gluten and dairy and you don’t need to Biohack with high dose synthetic non-organic supplements or ice plunges and high temperature saunas.

Ice plunges and high temperature saunas, and hot yoga deplete minerals substantially. You may feel pumped up as the threat of heat and cold force an elevation of certain chemicals and hormones but then the people who crash because of nutrient depletion come to my door.

To me, it’s quite obvious that the body needs building blocks, not extreme stimulation and I stand by my Motto: Biohack No More!


Carolyn Dean MD ND
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