Last week, my publisher said to me: “I wonder if you’re writing too many magnesium stories in your blog. After all, many readers probably found your site through your magnesium book. They must be saturated with magnesium information.”

“Nonetheless,” he admitted, “every time we do a post about magnesium readership goes up 200%.”

“It’s like watching ads for something you already own,” I told him. “it reinforces how smart you are to have purchased that product.”

Then, last weekend, my publisher said in passing, “My left wrist is really hurting. Too much work on the keyboard, I guess.”

“Don’t forget to put magnesium oil on it,” I automatically replied. “It’ll help stop the muscles from cramping.”

“I hadn’t even thought of that,” he said. “I guess we still need more magnesium stories after all.”

Even though you may know enough about magnesium to write your own book, are you using it for all the possibilities?

A client sent me one of the best “Top Ten Lists” of symptoms relieved by magnesium I’ve ever seen. After three months on magnesium my client experienced:

  1. Less knee pain.
  2. Carbohydrate/sugar cravings down from 90 to 5 — on a scale of 100 (most) to 0 (none)
  3. Wrinkles and crevices in her face diminishing
  4. Dramatic reduction in “migraines”
  5. Period went from dark to bright red and from severe clots to minimal clots
  6. Able to exercise intensely for the first time in years without being exhausted for at least three days after
  7. Sleep has improved from “minimal” to “poor and restless” all night (this is a huge improvement for her).
  8. Able to “keep going” (to some extent) past 6:30pm at night.
  9. Less sound sensitivity/hypersensitivity.
  10. Better able to concentrate when someone is speaking to her (if there is any background noise).

I have a list of 100 factors that can contribute to magnesium deficiency and magnesium deficiency symptoms in my book, The Magnesium Miracle.

Often, it’s not until you read something about your specific problem that you put two and two together.

Think of Jeff and his throat spasm (from last Tuesday’s message). Who would have know that he was choking due to muscle spasms around his esophagus/stomach junction? Yet many of you wrote in and gave that answer. (Of course, any muscle or nerve problem can be caused or worsened by a magnesium deficiency).

And who knew (per my client’s top ten list) that you can diminish your carb cravings, reduce wrinkling or help sound sensitivity with magnesium… in only three months.

So, keep taking magnesium and keep sending in your stories so others can benefit.


Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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