In 1920 Rene Caisse met a prospector’s wife who had survived breast cancer. She owed her recovery to an Obijawa Indian tea using four herbs growing in the local Ontario wilderness. (I listed the ingredients in my last blog post, Billy Best’s Herbal Infusion Worked for My First Cancer Patient.)

Rene went on to save thousands of patients’ lives using her own variation of the herbal formula for all sorts of degenerative diseases – but mainly as a treatment for cancer. Known as “Canada’s Caner Nurse” Rene Caisse never accepted money for her herbal formula.

Investigating doctors reported the following to Ottawa: “To the best of our knowledge, she has not been given a case to treat until everything in medical and surgical science has been tried without effect and even then she was able to show remarkable beneficial results on those cases at that late stage.” (Bracebridge Examiner, January, 1979)

The nation’s capital responded by sending two armed men to arrest her for practicing medicine without a license.

Common sense won over and the town of Bracebridge eventually rented her a hotel for $1 a month with the shingle “Cancer Clinic” hanging proudly.

“I treated thousands of patients,” she writes, “who came from far and near, most of them given up as hopeless after everything in medical science had failed. Some arrived in ambulances, receiving their first treatments lying down in an ambulance; after a few treatments they walked into the clinic without

help.” (Bracebridge Examiner, January, 1979)

Despite mounting success stories and endless testimonials she never received the backing necessary to clinically prove her claims. “I did not know then,” she writes, “of an organized effort to keep a cancer cure from being discovered.”

Sadly, such organized suppression continues today…

As they say on their home page at (one of the best places I know to get the cancer tea, now called the Caisse formula): “As with many governments around the world, our Canadian government is involved in an international effort at destroying this industry, and turning over the remains to Big Pharma.”

Unfortunately, due to the tightening grip of the Canadian government on natural therapies is restricted to selling the formulation through a doctor or herbalist.

The president, Robert DeSilva, emailed me to let you know…

I had to remove the original listed “CAISSE Tea” from the site… due to regulatory issues. It is now listed under the “Next Generation” section, and you will notice that under the Tea component, the label still says: ‘CAISSE” formula.

My advice is to print this blog post (and the last one) and bring them to a naturopath or herbalist who can then order the tea on your behalf.

(Also worth noting: The Essiac Info website recommends purchasing Essiac from which does not seem bound by any restrictions (yet). I cannot, however, vouch for the quality of their product. As always, I recommend that you work with a qualified natural health practitioner.)


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