Presentation: Statin drugs; oral health; Testimonial from Linda re: increased level of wellness [2:27]; doctor’s bias when patients are older; cholesterol and high blood pressure; good fats – coconut oil and grass fed ghee; lipids and the lymphatic system; testimonial about relaxed muscle pull in less than 30 minutes with topical application of RnA Drops [27:48]; drug protocols and assembly line medicine; ReMyte now available

2:27 Testimonial from Linda re: increased level of wellness; age bias; cholesterol, high blood pressure, and good fats

8:51 iON talked about lipids and the lymphatic system

10:14 Getting off statins; magnesium as a cholesterol leveler

12:41 Total Biology of being born with a cord around one’s neck

17:20 Puppy on RnA Drops; both love going for walks together

20:45 Extensive infection in tooth and jaw; testimonials about healing abscess tooth with RnA Drops rubbed directly on gums and tooth

27:48 RnA Drops relax pulled muscle in less than 30 minutes testimonial.

30:43 Oil pulling for oral health

32:10 Downside of taking statin drugs

40:44 Drug protocols and assembly line medicine

44:08 RnA Drops for 14 month old?

48:22 ReMyte now available.

Listen to this testimonial:  Linda’s testimonial about increased level of wellness [2:27]

Listen to the Archive:  2013-05-27-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 5-27-13-2

Resource: Drs. Yoseph’s YouTube Video on Statins:

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