Several people who read my Completement Now! module called “Liver Snacking” told me that they never thought of extending the time between their meals. One gentleman said that he’d never truly experienced hunger in his life because he ate and snacked his way through the day.

I’m not talking about snacking on the organ itself (especially your own). Instead, I’m talking about snacking on your liver’s natural storehouse of nutrients. One of your liver’s most important jobs is to regulate energy in your body: the burning of fat and the balancing of your blood sugar. It does that by storing energy as glycogen (a form of glucose).

Your Liver + Energy Levels

Most people’s livers aren’t doing a good job at regulating energy. That’s why so many people find their blood sugars are all over the place. They eat a meal and feel good. Two hours later they feel low and think they need to reach for a snack just to get through the afternoon.

Next thing you know, they become insulin resistant – they still feel low, but have super-high blood sugar after meals. This happens to people who eat perfectly healthy food – including vegetarians, raw foodies and juice feasters.

These symptoms are classic signs that your liver isn’t working properly. Your liver is supposed to deliver the snacks. After you finish digesting your food, it’s your liver’s job to start maintaining your blood sugar by using calories it has stashed away and also by burning fat when the glucose stored as glycogen runs out.

Complementing Other Plans In Place

Liver snacking is the basis of the Ketogenic diet and hopefully this explanation helps you understand the mechanism of action. I actually love the feeling of my stomach feeling flat and hollow and gurgling and grumbling a bit on my weekly fasting day. And when I eat the next day I truly enjoy my food and have a greater mindfulness and appreciation of my food and the whole eating experience.


Author: Carolyn

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND is the author of over 50 books including best seller The Magnesium Miracle and other noted publications including IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance, Death by Modern Medicine, and 110+ Kindle books to date. Dr Dean is committed to helping anyone understand more about nutrients, their requirements in the body, and ways to promote health and vitality in a proactive manner. People have found joy, new insights, and success after finding Dr Dean and understanding her processes. Find your own success by following the path that others like Dr Dean have already started toward their best health and lifestyle.