The eagerly awaited (you have been eager, right?) release of my 48-week wellness program, Future Health Now! has just taken place (and you missed it!… just kidding.)

Future Health Now!, my 48-week natural health wellness program begins today. In fact, the doors are wide open.

Those who have been reading my blog since I started it in January know this has been a project long in the making. You can read all the details about it by clicking here.

What No Scarcity?

I know, I know… this is where I’m supposed to tell you that there are only 1000 spots available. That if you don’t act in the next 3 nanoseconds you’re chances of ever getting into my precious program will be zapped. You’ll end up spending the last decades of your life medicated in some nursing home because you didn’t get my “health secrets.”

I’m not playing those games. It’s a digital program. Unless half-a-million people all sign up in the next minute, I’m sure the server can handle it. If things do start growing too fast we may have to close the doors for a few days while we hire more customer support staff and upgrade our server.

Make a Conscious Choice

Otherwise, you can join today, you can join in a week, you can join next year (I really recommend you consider joining today, though). I’m not going to use any marketing voodoo to get you to “buy now!” If you become a member, I want you to join because you made the conscious choice that this is for you.

I want anybody to be able to join at the moment they realize they need it. What’s the point of the internet if people still have to wait in line to get information they needed yesterday?

You can read all about the program by going here. It’s a short informative page (about 1000 words) that tells you exactly what you’ll get if you become a member and helps you decide whether Future Health Now! is for you or not. (And even if you join and change your mind later, I offer a generous refund policy).

Not Even an “Act Now and Save”?

Sorry… none of that either. I think we’ve fairly priced the program (let us know if you think differently). Considering the money it will save you – I think anybody can afford our low fee. (If you’re really budget-strapped you can contact us about a bartering arrangement.)

I’m so sorry, but there won’t be any “25% off special for the next 7 days” with an annoying countdown hitting your inbox 12 hours. Again, I’d rather you join because you think this is going to help you – not because you want to grab a discount.

“Not Another Health Book or Course!”

Don’t worry Future Health Now! has really been whipped into a practical and concise shape. I realize you don’t want to be a doctor – you just want to be healthy. Instead of telling you “everything” the program delivers four strategies, each week and shows you how to put them into ACTION so they start improving the quality of your life immediately.

I invite you to read about the program and consider joining. Once you completed the registration process you’ll receive instant access to the first module. (Yes, we are still catering to the need for “instant gratification” – God forgive us!)

Click here to get all the details about the program or to join and get instant access to Module One. If you have any questions about the Future Health Now! you can use either the contact page or leave a comment in the box below.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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