Researchers find that when employment drops TV viewership goes up. Shocking, when you consider the national average already wavers between five to six hours a day… any more time in front of the tube would become a fulltime job, indeed.

I guess people aren’t working so they stay at home and watch TV.

But why aren’t they working? Well, there aren’t any jobs, you might say. The TV news tells us so. But why are we listening to them?

There’s always work! Even if no one is hiring you can create your own job…

  • Sell food from your own organic garden (people are always buying food) or bake bread, muffins and pies to sell to your community.
  • Do odd jobs for people like gardening, shoveling snow, car washing, cooking, cleaning and pet sitting.
  • Go to sites like that can hook you up with businesses which need people to complete various internet-based assignments like writing, transcriptions, editing, programming and design.
  • Write your own ebook and sell it online or sell other people’s products on a commission. (Sure, you may not know how to do this… but you can learn.)
  • Get involved with a quality network marketing company that doesn’t encourage you to make a fool of yourself pitching their products to anybody within a three feet radius.

My main point… the TV discourages positive action.

But if you’re unemployed there is always something you could be doing to make money.

Even the employed are hard-pressed during these difficult economical times. Unless you’ve been saving when things were good, you may need to buckle down and put in some extra hours. Instead of getting stressed out about financial woes and then zoning out in front of the tube – you can be taking positive action to improve your lot.

Case in point, as tempting as it would be for me to just slip into a quiet semi-retirement here on Maui … I’m busy with my website and the Future Health Now! program (it takes about 30 hours of work for our team to put out each module) building a new income stream has added security for the future.

(And we’ve just released an affiliate program for Future Health Now! so our members can make money referring people to the program (e.g. delivering flyers or writing a blog).)

Money and health go together. If you don’t have enough money… you end up eating poorly because you can’t afford organic whole foods. Or you can’t afford quality supplements like magnesium – which is essential for a vibrant life. You may also end up using cheap personal care products loaded with toxic ingredients.

Money ain’t everything – but it is important.

So, while the TV offers a nice escape from reality… It may be better to switch it off most days and focus on changing our reality to something we don’t want to escape from.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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