Last blog post, I explained why I think the mandatory H1N1 vaccine should be avoided more than any other vaccine. I also shared with you six possible reasons why the government would enforce such a potentially dangerous and ineffective treatment.

Nonetheless, my blogging will hardly swing Congress into reason. The mandatory vaccination program will plough ahead turning American schools into vaccine clinics.

As yet, we have no idea how the government plans to “enforce” this mandatory H1N1 vaccine.

Swat Teams Armed with Syringes?

For the adult population, I doubt they’ll be raiding houses of the unvaccinated with swat teams armed with syringes. They know the majority of the masses will roll-up their sleeves lamb-like. The few of us whom don’t are hopefully not worth the bother.

So don’t worry about it if you’re not a student or staff in an institution setup to enforce the vaccination.

How to Handle Your GP

If your doctor were to try to corner you into a shot I suggest you tell him or her: “If I were to accept your proposed treatment I would require you to sign a letter detailing that you will take full financial responsibility for any injuries that I experience from the vaccine you want to administer.”

As a doctor I can tell you we really don’t like being threatened with a law suit. But the doctor is threatening you with a toxic injection – so don’t buckle. The mention of such a reasonable condition should get them to put away their needle.

How to Keep Your Kids Away
from the Swine Flu Vaccine

Now, for your children, who are targeted at school while you’re at work… the situation is more difficult and unfair. You entrust your children to the temporary guardianship of a publicly run school system.

Next blog post I’ll share with you two strategies you can use. Stay tuned.

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