Here in North America the best answer the government has for combating H1N1 is an untested expensive vaccine that will probably kill hundreds of people and cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

In India, however, their Department of Alternative Systems is recommending a low-cost, safe and proven preventative for the swine flu: A homeopathic called arsenicum alba 30. Take one dose for three consecutive days. No side effects. (

Sounds too simple? Well, homeopathy has already been shown to be highly effective in past epidemics. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these stats from Divided Legacy Vol IV: 20th Century. Medicine the Bacteriological Era 1800 to 1911 by Harris Coulter, Ph.D….

After England’s first cholera epidemic in 1840, the medical doctors and homeopathic doctors had to tally up their mortality rates and report to parliament. The allopathic system (being pushed by the World Health Organization today) could only save 29% to 47.7% of their patients. In other words, one out of every two people who went to a conventional hospital… died. Vice versa, only 11 people died in all of the England’s homeopathic hospitals.

Another example…

Here in the States we suffered two decades of Yellow Fever epidemics on the Mississippi River beginning in 1853. Two commissions from Washington were sent to New Orleans to determine how to deal with the problem. One was made up of allopathic doctors and the other homeopaths.

The New Orleans Times reported the results of the hearings: The average mortality rate of homeopathic patients averaged 5.6% to 7.7%. Allopathic patients experienced 16% or higher. Chances of dying from the American Plague more than doubled.

Today, ignoring history, America and England cater to profit-hungry vaccine companies – while India’s Directorate General of Health Servicesand Ministry of Health & Family Welfare approves the use of an inexpensive and effective remedy.

Arsenicum alba 30 treats diarrhea, vomiting, burning pains, restlessness and fever. If you have those symptoms (whether from the swine flu or otherwise) this remedy should help.

I explain another method (originally from India) for combating all sorts of infections in Module One of Future Health Now! The nasal lubrication technique. It costs even less than a homeopathy remedy (might be less than a penny day – the dose is so small). If you haven’t downloaded your free sample copy of Module One please click here.

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