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In “The Science of Nutrition” webinar that’s part of The Food Revolution Summit (2024), I learned that science speaks out of both sides of its mouth. The Food Revolution Network was founded by John and Ocean Robbins of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream family. John and Ocean are committed vegetarians, and they cherry-picked their way through the Science of Nutrition webinar to “prove” that a vegan/vegetarian diet is “the best” diet for everyone and everything.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

Half-truths at Best

The problem for the listening public is that I could do the exact same for every diet. I, too, could cherry-pick studies, which are probably funded by people who gain financially from every study. Carnivore diet promoters claim incredible success, as do Keto dieters and Paleo people, and then there’s the Mediterranean diet research showing indisputable benefits of their approach as well.

The Science of Nutrition section of the Summit, while informative, was not without its flaws. It was filled with half-truths and incomplete information. Magnesium was largely overlooked, calcium was heavily promoted, and animal protein from beef, chickens, and fish was unfairly demonized. The narrative was heavily skewed towards plants being the heroes, while anti-plant information about lectins, oxalates, and even gluten was dismissed as overzealous and inaccurate. It’s crucial to remember that a balanced perspective is key, and that organic foods are not the only path to health.

The Right Building Blocks

Knowing how bias works, I was not influenced by their presentation; I was mostly frustrated because I realized how bombarded the public is about diet, with everybody claiming they are the winner. Nobody explains that group studies on diets don’t consider nutrient intake. So, the bottom line is that if you are taking the right building blocks of picometer minerals, food-based vitamins, and algae omega-3s, you can counteract deficiencies in your diet. I also find that as you feel better and your immune system works beautifully, your body will begin to reject foods that don’t help you maintain that feeling.

That means you keep experimenting with your diet. You may find like I did, that eating snacks made with seed oils, even if they are organic, can cause symptoms. My symptoms were slightly swollen fingers, so I felt mild pain when I bent my fingers to touch the tops of my palms. The same happened when I ate sourdough wheat bread. Eating late kept me awake at night. Too many desserts invited yeast into my mucus membranes, giving me tiny staphylococcal nasal boils.

So, I recommend that you be more aware of what, when, and how you eat. You can keep a diary of how you feel after eating and learn what your body likes, not what John and Ocean are telling you or that the whole vegan/vegetarian community is trying to make you feel guilty if you don’t follow their advice.

Here Comes the Apocalypse

The actual guilt bomb came out in the next session of the Food Revolution Summit. This episode was called The Future of Life on Earth. As you can imagine from what I’ve written so far, they said if you want to save the planet, you have to become a vegetarian.

In their opening salvo they invoked a barrage of apocalyptic scenarios, including climate change, that will wipe out our future. They make the following grandiose statement: “Earth is on a collision course with systemic environmental collapse right now. If we continue on the current trajectory we are on course to run out of water and topsoil and foods for future generations.” But let’s not forget, humans are smart and resilient. We have a history of fixing problems and inventing ways of overcoming all these problems. I’ve got a handful of formulas that will keep you healthy in the midst of all the chaos – and I’m just one human, imagine what we can achieve together.

If climate change has you quaking in fear – consider that they used to call it global warming, but since the earth wasn’t warming, they changed the name to keep you in fear. Just read Shallenberger’s book, Apocalypse Never, if you want to know what’s really going on. Similarly, with any other doomsday scenario – you can find the counterargument.

I think of my time in New York when we were told that a nearby river was terminally polluted. So chemicals from nearby industries were banned from being dumped in the river, and a few cleanup measures were instituted. Miracles of miracles are now pristine. Just like the body, if you take the toxins out and give it the right building blocks, nature will bounce right back.
Also, remember that negative scenarios are promoted much more than positive ones. The train wreck function of news gets more attention and clicks, but there are ten times as many happy stories out there.

When it comes to your body, consider the O-Ring Muscle Test technique as a valuable tool in determining your food and supplement intake. While it may take some time to become familiar with this technique, it can provide a unique ‘second opinion’ on the decisions you’re making. I encourage you to explore O-Ring Muscle Testing online, watch some videos, and decide if it’s a tool that could empower your health decisions.

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