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An internet search just confirmed to me that magnesium can displace heavy metals. There is a well-known Mineral-Metal Antagonism where essential minerals and heavy metals compete for the same binding sites in our body tissues and cells.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Body’s Substitutions

I know that if you have zinc deficiency the body will substitute the toxic metal cadmium. If you don’t have enough calcium to build your bones, strontium can take its place and create brittle bones. Elevated levels of manganese can disrupt the homeostasis of cesium (Cs), cobalt (Co), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni), and zinc (Zn) in cells.

The Mineral Wheel

Mineral imbalances affect one another. Excess zinc (Zn) can inhibit copper (Cu) absorption, and excess phosphorus (P) can inhibit calcium (Ca) absorption. The Mineral Wheel is a complexity of lines drawn between various minerals and metals that show compatibility or competition.¹ Research on the interactions of minerals and heavy metals is ongoing but not well funded.

The toxicity of heavy metals happens when they compete with and overpower essential minerals. On the other hand, when essential minerals are in the proper amounts and ratios, heavy metals are displaced from cells into the blood, and then carried to the liver and kidneys for removal.

Magnesium has a huge protective role against several heavy metals including:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Arsenic
  3. Beryllium
  4. Cadmium
  5. Lead
  6. Mercury
  7. Nickel

Amazingly, and hardly promoted is the fact that magnesium can reduce blood, bone, and organ levels of these metals. Therefore, maintaining adequate magnesium levels is crucial for removing heavy metals effectively.²

Your Best Defense

Since magnesium is responsible for 80% of known metabolic functions and up to 1,000 enzyme systems, it’s likely the most active heavy metal deterrent. But all the other trace minerals are also active in protecting the body when they occur in optimal amounts and occupy receptor sites and won’t let heavy metals land. Look more closely at the Mineral Wheel. As you do so, realize that taking your liquid, picometer minerals daily is your best defense against heavy metals – not purging or IV chelation or other detox methods that can put an added strain on the body.

Carolyn Dean MD ND
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