From where my husband and I lived on City Island, September 11, 2001, you could see the Twin Towers burning.

At the time, I was busy with a group trying to stop the spraying of a dangerous insecticide (malathion) used to kill West Nile carrying mosquitoes. Our group had been meeting with officials at City Hall. As soon as the World Trade Buildings were struck we tried to get gas masks to people at ground zero.

Sadly the masks never left the local church where they were being stored. Rumor was that the city authorities thought gas masks would scare the public and make them think the area was unsafe.

Unsafe it was… All the fluorescent light bulbs, computers and other technology that came crashing down contained toxic heavy metals. The accumulation of all that debris created measurable levels of mercury in the air around New York. Yet nobody did anything about it.

Still to this day, sadly, people who stayed in the area of the attack have had severe health problems that have been ignored. The money that was collected in the numerous fund drives didn’t go toward measuring the health of the rescue workers, the survivors or the people of New York (no less treating them).

Officials rebuffed me when I talked about detoxification. I tried to work with a group of firemen but was told: “There was nothing that could be done and any treatment you could offer would only give them false hope.” (In other words, we don’t want the people of New York knowing just how badly they’ve been exposed.)

I was working with autistic kids at the time. Since autism is primarily caused by heavy metal poisoning, the same treatment (saunas, supplements and diet) could have helped rescue workers, survivors and anybody in the vicinity.

It was a real tragedy. Three buildings collapsed and no one in authority would even give the go ahead to distribute gas masks that were ready and waiting. And no one would even consider detoxifying the men, women and children affected — saving them from a lifetime of symptoms.

The lesson for me was that if anything is ever going to get done for your health… YOU have to do it!

Whether you believe 911 was an act of terrorism or an inside job… whether you believe Katrina could have been prevented or not… whether the government is corrupt or just dumb… tragedies happen. You need to be prepared and you need to take action afterwards to remedy the side effects.

Those who are smart enough stock up on emergency supplies like water, storable food, remedies and, yes, even gas masks. The other 99% of the population doesn’t prepare at all and expects the government to come to their rescue.

We need to get back to being more self-reliant. We need to work more with our local community to prepare for future emergencies and become more self-sustainable.

Most people don’t want to think about it. But if instead of hiding from these realities, we take positive and productive actions, then the fear goes away. Ignoring these things just makes the fear ever present, yet pushed to some dark corner of our mind where it haunts us.

Start by doing little things…

  • Buy extra protein bars, dried fruit, nut butters or other non-perishable food and store them away.
  • Fill extra glass jars and bottles with tap water (you want the chlorine to keep bacteria at bay) and a drop of iodine and store them away in the basement with a few water filter cartridges.
  • Save up and stash a thousand dollars somewhere in your home.
  • Store some extra batteries away and make sure you have extra flashlights.

If that’s all you did you’d be prepared for many disasters. While everybody else is going crazy, or being hauled off to relief camps… You and your family are enjoying an extended holiday, reading books and eating protein bars in the comfort of your own home.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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