Strangely enough, kissing a pig may actually help build this child’s immune system — making him less likely to get the swine flu. Still, I don’t recommend you try it.

The swine flu has proven to be LESS harmful than the common flu virus (which kills 36,000 people worldwide, each year, according to the Center for Disease Control). Nonetheless, the fear-mongering continues. Predictions of dire mutations coming with the next flu season still echo through mainstream media.

Funny, I call the season following summer “autumn” – not the “flu season.” With so many good things happening in autumn — Halloween costumes, thanksgiving pie, harvest time and colorful leaves – why focus on the sniffles?

The fact so many people get the flu before winter can probably be prevented by supplementing with vitamin D (not Tamilflu). Also, make sure you still get outside and exercise even though the weather isn’t as warm.

Oh, and, don’t turn on your TV! At least not commercial TV. Because the news and the talk shows are dedicated to telling you the Spanish Flu is coming back and you could die unless you take a worse-than-worthless vaccine.

How WHO Determines the Severity of a Flu

Keiji Fukuda, the World Health Organization’s interim assistant director-general for health security and environment, reported in WebMD Health News how WHO determines the severity of the swine flu:

“Severity is not just a quality of the virus and its ability to harm people, but a combination of that virulence and the vulnerability of populations — how well off they are in terms of chronic conditions and poverty and malnourishment And it’s also a matter of the resilience of nations, how well they are able to cope with diseases.”

In other words, it’s just as much about the people as the virus.

First, if your immune system is a wreck from lack of exercise, excess weight, toxic diet, not enough time outdoors and too many chemical additives saturating every aspect of your life… you’re going to be more vulnerable. Your immune system is already on overload.

The Vulnerability of Our Minds

But all those lifestyle issues aside… even more important is how vulnerable is your MIND.

Vulnerability to the flu increases the more government and the media try to scare people out of their minds.

Yes, there’s always the possibility a major epidemic could happen. Just as there exists the possibility another meteorite might hit the earth and send us the way of the dinosaurs. Why waste your energy thinking such thoughts? Say, “Not in my universe” and get on with your day.

Take Commonsense Actions to
Relieve Your Fears…

  • Stay in good health by following a natural lifestyle (as I’ll show you in my 48-Week Online Health Course).
  • Save some of your income so you can handle emergencies.
  • Stock up on food and water in case a natural disaster ever hits.
  • Stay cheerful during the good times. Bring that attitude wherever you go so challenging experiences don’t drag you down but make you stronger.

And if You do Contract the Swine Flu…
Don’t Worry!

The flu virus does a lot of beneficial things. Viruses help get rid of mucous in the body. They create a fever that kills off other harmful microbes. New German Medicine believes your immune system actually lets a flu virus enter your body — to consume cancer tumors!

Who knows what God was thinking when he invented viruses. It can’t be all bad.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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