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In Part 1 of Addictions titled “Addiction Begins with Sugar,” I focused on sugar and how it’s the gateway drug to other addictions such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, speed, marijuana, and opiate narcotics. Sugar is also the driver for food allergies through the process of yeast overgrowth, which creates leaky gut.

In this article I’m not talking about the anaphylactic reactions that some unfortunate people have to allergenic foods like shrimp, strawberries, or peanuts described as IgE food allergy reactions.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

Consequences of a Leaky Gut

If your last meal is incompletely digested, it becomes food for intestinal bacteria and yeast. Yeast grow up into the small intestine from their natural home in the large intestine if you’ve ever taken antibiotics, use corticosteroid drugs, have a lot of stress that produces cortisol, have a high sugar diet, and drink chlorinated water. These organisms thrive on tasty food morsels and create gas and bloating and 78 yeast toxins. As yeast expands, it changes from a budding state to a thread-like mycelial state that pokes holes in the small intestinal lining allowing their toxins to be absorbed through this leaky gut. Along with the toxins go incompletely digested food molecules that then act as antigens in the blood stream, producing food allergy reactions.

Also, faulty absorption of food nutrients leads to malnutrition and triggers food cravings. If your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, it craves more and more food – weight gain is a direct result.

Alternative medicine doctors often do expensive allergy testing to give their patients some dietary guidelines. However, with a leaky gut at the root of the problem, foods that you eat regularly can erroneously be put into the allergy category. The blood test that is done quantifies the amount of antibodies to different foods and then declares them a problem, whereas they are just your favorite foods.

Any Food Can Cause Symptoms

Of course, you can be “allergic” to any food. Years ago, in my private practice a mother brought in her 9-year-old son who had a recent history of daily headaches. The first question I asked was if he was eating something different in his diet. It turns out that his mother had been making him carrot juice. When she stopped giving him super sweet carrot juice, his headaches went away. Was it the high fructose in the juice or the carrots that causes his symptoms? We didn’t really know. But we know that stopping carrot juice was the cure.

The Short and the Long of It

What’s a good approach to food allergies? The short-term answer is to rotate your diet so that you don’t eat the same type of food every day. Put yourself on a 3-day diet rotation. That way, antigenic material from a particular food doesn’t build up every day to potentially cause an antibody reaction.

The long answer is to heal your leaky gut and in doing so you will heal your whole body. That’s accomplished with:

  1. A diet that limits sugar, gluten and diary, which are foods that feed yeast.
  2. A picometer, stabilized ion of Silver to kill yeast.
  3. An antifungal (saccharomyces bourlardii) combined with soil based prebiotic and probiotic humic/fulvic acid to kill yeast and to build good bacteria.
  4. Picometer magnesium, and picometer multiple minerals to provide the building blocks to heal cells and tissues including the intestinal lining.
  5. Food based, methylated B vitamins, Omega-3 Algae, food-based, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2.

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