As I was saying in the last blog post, H1N1’s “threat to humanity” comes solely through a media-sensationalized THEORY about some horrible mutation forming in the autumn. Hardly seems enough to warrant full scale vaccination.

What other reasons, then, would big government have for making such a potentially dangerous vaccine mandatory?

  1. Vulnerability? Between poor diet, lack of exercise, chemical-laden personal care products, overuse of medication, electro-smog, nature-deficit and stress overload… it’s possible the immune system of your typical first world citizen cannot withstand a new flu strain. The government may feel vaccination is modern man’s only hope of survival.
  2. Population Control? Could this call for mandatory vaccination be a “fire drill.” The U.S. government alone needs “manage” 307 million citizens. What if things get out of hand? How easily will people follow directions? Let’s test things by getting them to roll up their sleeves and allow someone to inject them with a toxic vaccine. Pull a few strings and see if the puppets dance.
  3. Profit? Vaccine companies aren’t donating the H1N1 vaccine for the public good. They aren’t even offering it wholesale. The government raised $8 Billion of taxpayer’s money to cover the costs ( Plus, the drug companies will make great backend sales trying to control all the side-effects the vaccination will cause.
  4. Depopulation? This one’s a little more on the “I’d rather not think about it” side. It’s clearly engraved in the Georgia Guide Stones that the New World Order would like to “Maintain Earth’s population at 500 million in perfect balance with nature.” (
  5. Distraction? Despite poetic rhetoric from world leaders about “the clouds of recession beginning to part” developed nations are plummeting deeper into debt and inflation. The recession may only come to an end so we can usher in complete financial collapse. That’s the type of thing governments don’t want people thinking about too hard. What good timing that a new “deadly” virus arose to get them focused elsewhere.
  6. Appeasement? People would rather blame the government for their problems and hold them responsible for the solutions. Really, there is little the government can do to “make people healthy.” A vaccination program just makes it look like they are doing something – and so the people are happy.

The Swine Flu Satire

If this mandatory swine flu campaign doesn’t sound like something you want to participate in… stay tuned for my next blog post. I’ll explain a way you and your children can avoid it. Please, subscribe below if you’re not already on my mailing list.

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