In order for his mind to function at top performance, Albert Einstein claimed he needed ten hours of sleep each night. (

It looks like a brilliant mind and a good night’s sleep are closely linked…

“When you take in new information it is held in short term memory circuits for a period of time – like looking up a phone number and then making a call,” writes clinical nutritionist Byron Richards in his article Quality Sleep is Needed for Memory and Learning. “However, getting that information integrated into longer term memory is a more complex task.”

Bryon continues: “Researchers have identified for the first time, at the cellular level, how changes in brain gene switches that only occur during sleep enable your brain to integrate and consolidate information.”

In other words the “hard-wiring” of information and skills we want to be able to recall at will takes place during sleep.

I think we’ve all experienced the situation where something that was difficult for us to grasp became easy the next day after some sound sleep.

It’s also fair to assume that the deeper you sleep the more integrated the information will be.

Just another reason why you shouldn’t avoid sleep. Even if it means working less. Better to work smarter. You can almost always find ways to get something done faster if your mind is rested and sharp.

In Future Health Now! I give you 25 strategies for getting to sleep faster, going deeper and feeling more refreshed in the morning.

The strategies include: Sleeping without electricity, darkness and melatonin, body temperature, timing and routine, mattresses, inducing delta brain waves, overcoming restlessness, sun alarms, bedtime snacks, eliminating stimulants, relaxation methods, improving air quality and electromagnetic radiation. If sleeping deeper sounds good to you… click here to get started.

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