Sleep Better Without Electrical Distractions

It’s only been in the last 200 years that we started living with electricity. Prior to that, electricity was a beautiful and frightening phenomenon that danced as lightning in the sky on stormy nights. We know that the electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) produced by electrical devices affect human physiology because our bodies are also “electrical.

Obviously, since you’re reading this on a phone or computer, I’m not recommending you avoid electricity altogether. I do, however, recommend you take a break from it each night. At night your body needs to rest and the natural electrical and magnetic activity dancing between our cells slows down. Or at least, it wants to. If your body is still being bombarded by EMFs it may not be able to achieve complete rest. Now, there are really two factors at play in our modern situation. There’s the basic radiation produced by electrical devices, and there’s the additional play of wireless technology. Today, let’s just focus on one small step you can take for a deeper night’s sleep (remember there is nothing that can replace the health benefits of a good night sleep).

Here’s What I Recommend…

1. Remove all unnecessary electronic devices from your bedroom. Your sleeping chamber is definitely NOT a place for televisions, speakers, tablets, “Alexa”, video game consoles, and Kindles — all of which may continue to produce EMFs long after they have been deactivated.

2. Airpods transmit EMF radiation, as does your phone using the bluetooth technology that was unleashed on the environment without any oversight. We are bathed in wireless radiation 24/7 to power our electronic devices.

3. If you want to be soothed to sleep with music, it may be impossible, but you could try and find a battery–operated portable CD player with its own speaker.

4. Recite poetry, a prayer, or an affirmation as a way of meditating yourself to sleep.

5. Before you go to bed at night, ideally, cut the power to all rooms in your home that don’t require electricity. For most of us this would be everything but the refrigerator. At the very least, make sure that there is no electricity going to the room you sleep in or any of the adjacent rooms.

6. Make sure you do not have a bedroom located adjacent to a wall where there is a circuit breaker or fuse box. Hopefully your circuit breaker is located in your basement or your kitchen. Although this is a health program and not a financial program, this first Rejuvenating Sleep strategy should start saving you money tonight. Most people are paying anywhere from $50–

$250/year keeping appliances and electronic devices active throughout the night. You may also increase the longevity of your equipment by giving it a break. The first thing I did when we moved into our home in Maui was find the circuit breaker and turn off the switches to all the outdoor lights, the microwave, the dishwasher and the heat pump. We never need the outdoor lights. We certainly didn’t need the microwave. Don’t use the dishwasher. Then at night I turn off the power to most of the house. I’m paying half the electric bill I did in a previous Maui home of half the size where the circuit breaker was inaccessible.

One Member’s Experience

While most of us aren’t too aware of EMFs, some people are super–sensitive to the interference electricity can cause in our bodies. Here are a few excerpts from a woman who suffered greatly from EMFs: “Lights… I felt energy when they were on… dimmer switches really were bad and we removed them this spring. I could not go into the living room as my balance and energy were terrible…the ringing in my head got louder…it isn’t exactly painful but I really don’t know how to describe the sensation. “When appliances were used, I had to leave the room as the energy went into me from my feet up. “We turned off the electricity in the bedrooms totally because the plug at the head of the bed pumped energy into my head all night.”

How Do I Know That It’s Helping?

Fortunately, most people aren’t as sensitive as my client, nonetheless, many still feel the difference when they sleep without electricity. You should be able to note whether you feel more rested in the morning or whether you’ve slept better. The other benefit, however, may be more apparent during the day. Having that eight hour break from EMFs should provide overall benefits with your ability to relax, your energy levels and your clarity of thought. In November 1989, the Department of Energy reported that “It has now become generally accepted that there are, indeed, biological effects due to field exposure.” Until we know how to live more safely with electricity, try to give your body a break from EMFs for a few hours each day. Simply let your home “go to sleep” when you go to sleep. 

Questions and Answers

I can’t sleep without a fan, what should I do? 

Most people sleep with their head against the wall where there is not as much circulation. Rearrange your bedroom so your head is in the center of the room. Try sleeping like that with more air circulation and no electricity and see how you do. If you still feel you need a fan, then you’re better off using a ceiling fan as that requires less electricity. If the wall outlets are on a different circuit breaker than your fan, you can turn them off.

For various reasons, I can’t remove the electricity around me when I sleep. Is there anything else I can do to protect myself? 

Another option is to use an EMF cancellation-device (otherwise known as an EMF shield). These devices are reported to create a 180 degree turnaround in EMFs wherever you place the small battery powered device. I’ve never used one myself but several patients have sworn that they’ve made a night and day difference. They are also highly recommended if you live near power lines. In future modules, I’ll show ways to reduce the effects that EMFs can have on your body. In future modules, I’ll show ways to reduce the effects that EMFs can have on your body.

What if I live in an apartment building or condo?

The obvious problem with condos and apartment buildings is that even if you power down your bedroom, the bedroom above and beneath you may have an electrical party going on. You may very well be sleeping directly over an electric ceiling fan in the apartment below you. And let’s not even talk about the amount of wireless technology that may be bouncing off the walls from everyone’s computers, cellphones, tablets, TV’s, etc.. In the end, you can only do your best. You must always think that your best is good enough — because what more can you do? 

Investing in an EMF shield may be the wisest choice you can make. If it’s feasible, you may prefer to move to a first floor or top floor apartment at the corner of your building. Or if you are looking for a new apartment, use that criteria in your search. Such a location means you’ll have significantly less EMF exposure. What if I can’t afford a Total Shield and need to sleep with electricity? I’d recommend you make a point to go somewhere out in nature — without the laptop, cell phone or power lines — to get yourself grounded with the earth. If you can’t do it every day, then maybe just a few hours of hiking on the weekend. That way you are giving your body a break from EMFs. While this may not directly benefit your sleeping, it should still help your overall health. 

What about a nightlight? 

When you sleep, it should be so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Short answer: Ditch the night light. Night is dark for a reason. Use a flashlight if you need help getting around at night.

There are some grounding devices that you place under your mattress to ground yourself and help you sleep. What do you think of these devices?

I’m not against these. But start with grounding yourself to the earth. Walking barefoot on grass, sand or ground is natural “barefoot technology”. It can be extremely grounding. And don’t be afraid to “hug a tree” either!

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