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A 2024 public health statistic finds that every day, 1,700 people in the US are dying of cancer; that’s almost 70 people an hour. Cancer is catching up to heart disease as the biggest killer. Cancer was a rare disease when I went to medical school in my mid-70s. Now, it’s slated to be the number one killer.

So, it’s time I took a closer look and I do that through the lens of the Conflict of Disease and practical Metabolic Therapy.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

Conflict Resolution 

In the past number of years, I have talked about Total Biology and German New Medicine and the Conflict Basis of Disease as the key to deconstructing cancer. That may help us understand the psychology of cancer and why people succumb but there is also the metabolic basis of disease. I think if we can master both “causes” we can defeat cancer.

NOTE: German New Medicine came out of Germany with the work of Dr. Gert Hamer. Total Biology arose in France with the work of Dr. Claude Sabbah. There was some cross communication between the two doctors. I studied Total Biology because it came to Canada through French-speaking Quebec and was taught by Naturopath Dr. Gilbert Renault.

The premise is that disease is the result of the body trying to solve a Conflict which ends up creating physical symptoms. Recognizing and acknowledging the Conflict can help resolve the physical issues.

Dr. Gert Hamer, an oncologist and psychiatrist in Germany, faced a tragedy when his son was fatally wounded. He sat by his son’s bedside for several months, unable to save his life. Three months after he died, Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer and his wife developed ovarian cancer. Dr. Hamer was shocked by these “coincidences.” Were their bodies trying to stimulate the organs that could give them another child? When Hamer searched his cancer patients’ files, he found that all his patients had suffered a shock before their cancer diagnosis. They had a major Conflict that they thought couldn’t be resolved.

Consider this example: A child is in intensive care, and the mother is devastated. Her body tries to solve the problem of being unable to nurture her child by stimulating the milk ducts to produce more cells and milk. When the child survives and is safe at home, the clump of new cells begins to resolve, which is often when it is noticed as irritating or painful and “misdiagnosed” as cancer.

My Total Biology Story

Here’s my Total Biology story. I’ve had a real fear of water all my life. When I began studying Total Biology in 2007, I realized I had to confront that fear. I called my aunt in Scotland to learn stories about my ancestors. I was told that in the 1920s, three relatives, young men in their 20s and a doctor whom they were bringing to a home birth, drowned in a storm that capsized their boat.

Fantastically, my life circumstances seem to have been directed by that story, and I see instances in my life that solved the ancestral tragedy of drowning that I could have relived in my life. Here were my solutions. In my mid-20s, I decided to go to medical school, but I was pretty adamant that I would never do home births. I also decided early on that I did not want to have children so I would never have to summon a doctor. The underlying fear of water was solved when I heard the story of my ancestors drowning. It was clear to me that I was carrying this ancestral conflict, and just hearing this story made me realize it wasn’t a psychological problem that I had to live with but something that completely dissolved when light was shed on it.

From not wanting to engage knee high waves, I began snorkeling with a small boogie board by myself meeting sea turtles and schools of fish, and even swimming over a resting reef shark without any sense of fear.

I suggest the following German New Medicine Resources, which seem more robust and organized than Total Biology now: Go to and see his educational information. You can enter your email to receive a free 400-page eBook by Dr. Gert Hamer, The Psychic Roots of Diseases. You must also read Danny Carroll’s book Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis.

Metabolic Treatment of Cancer

The Warburg theory of cancer proposes that cancer tumors are driven by damaged mitochondria that are unable to use oxygen to make energy. When that happens, the body turns on a more primitive process called fermentation to create energy without oxygen. And it just so happens that cancer cells are fed by this fermentation process that uses glucose and the amino acid glutamine. Dr. Otto Warburg proposed this theory in the early 1920s, and it’s always made sense to the alternative medicine community but will never gain traction as long as Big Pharma is in charge of using expensive, toxic, patented drugs to kill cancer cells just short of killing the patient.

A very good person to follow regarding the metabolic treatment of cancer is Dr. Thomas Seyfried. He basically tells his patients to switch to a very low-carb diet, which stops putting glucose into the fermentation cycle to feed cancer cells. What follows is ketosis, so he’s talking about a Ketogenic Diet.

For his cancer patients, he’s developed a Glucose/Ketone Index Calculator to help a person stay in ketosis. Cancer cells can’t burn ketones and fats; they only burn glucose and glutamine.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, so it can’t be stopped. But Dr. Seyfried says he’s working with a safe glutamine-targeting drug called DON—6-diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine. Unfortunately, the FDA has not accepted it, so it has limited availability. Until that drug is available, here’s a very basic plan to follow:

  1. Avoid sugar and pursue a Keto diet as much as possible to increase your ketone production.
  2. Do periodic fasting – 1-3 days every three months, but I say to keep taking your Completement Formulas, which keeps you from feeling you are starving yourself.
  3. Avoid substances and circumstances that damage mitochondria, such as environmental toxins [non-native EMF], chemicals in our air, food, and water, medications, and stress.
  4. Excel in supporting your mitochondria with all the Completement Formulas – picometer magnesium, multi-minerals, silver, zinc plus copper; whole food vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K2; and essential fatty acids in omega-3 algae.

Nutrients as Anti-oxidants

I learned about the nutrients for cancer prevention in my Naturopathic training in the late 1970s. All antioxidants seem to have a role in keeping cells on the straight and narrow. However, the most important ones seemed to be selenium, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Selenium may be the easiest to take and the most helpful. Vitamin C is usually recommended intravenously, but it is not available to most of the public. Vitamin A in high doses can be toxic. However, selenium first caught my attention as helpful in the prevention and treatment of AIDS and cancer. I followed the work of Dr. Harold Foster, a Canadian selenium researcher. I recommend his paper, “Selenium and Cancer: A Geographical Perspective,” which is available at the Orthomolecular News Site. (

Selenium is a trace element essential for human health. It may help decrease cancer risk by repairing DNA damage, reducing oxidative stress, boosting the immune system, and destroying cancer cells. However, selenium supplements may also have adverse effects when used in too high doses. That’s why the selenium in our ReMyte® is only 40 micrograms per dose, and two doses a day are recommended. The FDA says that the safe upper limit of selenium is 400 micrograms.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want more information and more encouragement to drop your fear of cancer, please follow Danny Carroll and Dr. Thomas Seyfried.

Carolyn Dean MD ND
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