Medical centers across the United States are noticing a correlation between higher blood pressure and financial stress, according to a Natural News article by Jo Hartley, The Ailing Economy is Making People Sicker.

High blood pressure and heart disease already rank at epidemic levels in North America. It’s a lifelong battle for most people. A battle they finally lose….

For others, though, it’s conquered in a matter of days or weeks.

Why the drastic difference?

Let’s take a hypothetical “Mr. Stressed-Out”…

“Your blood pressure’s a bit high,” says Mr. Stressed-Out’s doctor over the sound of the Velcro cuff being removed.

“Oh, dear,” says Mr. Stressed-Out. “Should I start eating better? Lose some weight? Join a gym?”

“Don’t worry,” says his doctor and scribbles him a prescription. “This is a diuretic to reduce fluid in your body.”

All that extra urinating, however, drains Mr. Stressed-Out’s body of magnesium – a critical mineral to help keep our hearts relaxed. Its lack also causes all his other muscles to tighten. Charley horses and an extra trip to the washroom wake Mr. Stressed-Out several times each night.

More stressed and sleep deprived Mr. Stressed-Out
returns to his well-meaning doctor for help…

“Your blood pressure is still a little too high, but not to worry,” says his doctor. “Now, what we need to do is help your heart relax.” He scribbles out another prescription.

Mr. Stressed-Out begins a round of calcium channel blockers, in addition to the diuretic. Calcium allows your muscles to contract. By blocking calcium to Mr. Stressed-Out’s heart, it won’t be able to pump blood quite so strongly.

“Hmmm,” says Mr. Stressed-Out’s
doctor on their next visit…

He’s staring at the latest blood test results. “It looks like your cholesterol is up, now.”

(Well, of course it is… Those channel blockers confuse a very complex enzyme system in the body which not only regulates calcium but also cholesterol. AND they also lower your magnesium, which puts you at even further risk for elevated cholesterol.)

“Let’s try some statins,” says the doctor as he writes out Mr. Stressed-Out’s THIRD prescription. With a grin, he adds…

“You do have insurance, right?”

Statin drugs block the production of cholesterol from your liver. They also, block the production of co-enzyme Q10 – another essential enzyme that powers your heart. That might explain why Mr. Stressed-Out feels like Mr. Old-Man after only five holes of golf.

Well, by Mr. Stressed-Outs’ next appointment his doctor announces that his blood tests read normal. “Everything looks great! Just keep on taking your meds and you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

Supplementing with Coco-Cola and Coffee…

Obediently, Mr. Stressed-Out continues to take his diuretic, his calcium channel blocker and his statin. He continues to sleep poorly. He relies on Coca-Cola and coffee to keep him going, which also starts affecting his blood sugar and insulin. He cancels his golf membership and spends his weekends falling asleep in front of the TV.

All the while his heart becomes more and more starved for co-enzyme Q10 (an essential nutrient to keep ALL your cells healthy). Until, sadly, one day Mr. Stress-Out doesn’t wake up in the morning. Even though his blood pressure and cholesterol read “normal.”

In any other profession…
if we saw these types of results,
we’d demand a refund and seek help elsewhere

If an electrician came to your home to fix a faulty light fixture, and the next day your fuse box blew up, you’d make him accountable. If a mechanic said he’d fixed your engine, and the next day your breaks stopped working, you would have some questions for him.

The saddest thing about Mr. Stressed-Out’s predicament is that supplementing some magnesium may have been all he needed to get his blood pressure under control. It would have been a logical place to start, since the heart muscle depends on magnesium to relax.

Instead of trying to drain fluid out of his body,
or block his heart’s natural urge to contract…
why not try to deal with the cause?

In my next post, I’ll share with you how Mr. Stressed-Out’s life unfolds in an “alternative” universe where he took a simpler route and addressed the cause of his symptom. Until then, if you or someone you know has a cabinet full of blood pressure drugs, I’m not suggesting you stop taking them. Once you body gets dependent on them, you need a qualified health professional (such as a naturopathic doctor) to help you safely break free.

There are REAL solutions to your health problems. Don’t put up with treatments which only “manages” ailments. Please leave your comments or questions below in the box provided.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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