Over a month ago, I asked readers of this blog to submit ideas for my soon-to-be-released (any day now) 48-week online health program. Over 155 ideas were sent in via blog and email.

Of those 155, my publisher and I whittled it down to 8 choices. People voted on those eight. We ended up with two finalists: Seven Pillars or Future Health Now! We announced another survey where readers voted on the final winner.

The other day, we tallied up the votes:

52.1% – Future Health Now!

47.8% – Seven Pillars

Future Health Now!

Future Health Now! won by 4.3%. Bernie King of Erin, Ontario came up with the idea and has won a full 48-week membership in my finally-given-a-name online-health program… Future Health Now!

I love the name because it reflects what I’m trying to do with the program… bring you the health care of the future, today. I want to give you the opportunity to be a forerunner for a new tribe of people who consistently do the simple day-to-day activities that keep your body looking young, your energy high and your mind sharp.

You won’t have to wait until your body parts are failing and you think you need a drug, surgery or a high-priced supplement to put you back together again.

So What Are We Going To Do
With These Seven Pillars?

The final poll came as close as the 1995 Quebec Referendum with 47.8% of the voters preferring Seven Pillars. For that reason I’ve decided to name the seven sections of the program the Seven Pillars of Health:

Pillar One: Vitalizing Foods

Pillars Two: Personal Care

Pillar Three: Energizing Exercise

Pillar Four: Super Nutrients

Pillar Five: Living Space

Pillar Six: Rejuvenating Sleep

Pillar Seven: Mind Over matter

Since the person who came up with the title Seven Pillars, John Manley, is my online publisher he’s disqualified and doesn’t get any prize. Don’t worry, after a few months of therapy, he’ll came to terms with it.

Two More Winners Drawn Using…
Atmospheric Noise

As promised for each of the two surveys we conducted, we held a draw of the email address of everybody who participated. Our database assigned each entry a number. We then used random.org to choose the winner.

random.org uses atmospheric noise (like the static on a radio) to produce truly random numbers unlike the “pseudo” random numbers computers usually come up with. Remembering I’m a doctor of medicine and not professor of mathematics I’ll try to explain this works…

Computers are all about predictable and reliable responses (unless you own Microsoft Vista). Computers specialize in the exact opposite of “randomness.”

Therefore, logical machines need something from chaotic nature to bounce their precise formulas off. Atmospheric noise can easily be captured by special computers using a radio receiver to listen in and translate the random sounds of static into numbers. Those numbers are restricted by whatever parameters we specify—in this case, the number of people who participated in our survey.

In other words, instead of writing the email addresses of all those who participated on little pieces of paper and drawing from an old hat—we had the atmospheric hum of the universe pick the winners. If you’re upset because you didn’t win—take it up with the cosmos.

The two winners (selected by Mother Nature herself) are:

Larry S. of Voorhees, NJ USA

Sue Bonnie of Nova Scotia, Canada

They both have also won a full 48-week membership in Future Health Now! (Oh, it feels so good to finally call it by a real name.) Each week members’ receive a new module covering four strategies from the Seven Pillars of Health.

So When Will I Release
Future Health Now!?

I’m already working on Module Four of Future Health Now! with Module One undergoing some last-minute surgery from our new designer, Luca Gottardo, in Austria.

It shouldn’t be long. We were aiming for this week, but a major Internet breakdown in the far reaches of Canada has postponed things until next week. But my motto is “relax and allow” and it will happen when it happens.

Stay tuned! if you’re not subscribed to my email alerts or RSS feed, please subscribe below for the latest updates about its release.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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Author: Carolyn

Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND is the author of over 50 books including best seller The Magnesium Miracle and other noted publications including IBS for Dummies, Hormone Balance, Death by Modern Medicine, and 110+ Kindle books to date. Dr Dean is committed to helping anyone understand more about nutrients, their requirements in the body, and ways to promote health and vitality in a proactive manner. People have found joy, new insights, and success after finding Dr Dean and understanding her processes. Find your own success by following the path that others like Dr Dean have already started toward their best health and lifestyle.

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