About This Event

Join Dr. Carolyn Dean as she explores weight loss, the effects of ultra-processed foods on our health, and the application of safe diet + nutrient strategies for weight management. This 60 minute event is perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their ideas about weight loss while exploring natural ways to manage their weight that don’t require extreme changes to your lifestyle or taking risks with your current health.

Event Topics Include:

  • Ultra-Processed Foods + Our Diet
  • History of Medication-Driven Diets
  • Evolution of Weight Loss Plans
  • Off-Label Use of Diabetic Medications
  • Natural Insulin Response Management (IRM)
  • Total Biology Conflict + Weight
  • Intermittent Fasting + Keto Protocols
  • Yeast Overgrowth + Nutrient Absorption

“The benefits of medication-driven weight loss plans are unstainable, and possibly damaging to otherwise healthy people. And the relationship between yeast overgrowth and its effects on your metabolism, nutrient absorption, and so many other aspects of remaining fit are unknowingly being ignored. Listen to this recorded-LIVE event as I uncover healthier ways to support your year-round weight management goals.”