Some of you are in a situation where you or your children may not be able to avoid the H1N1 flu shot.

Don’t worry about it.

I know, I know, I’ve been telling you for the last few blog posts why this is one of the more potentially dangerous vaccines known to modern man. Why would I say don’t worry about it?

Well, worry won’t help for one thing – it’ll make it worse. If you really can’t avoid the shot, then you can’t. If you dwell on it your mind will magnify the risk.

The Vulnerability Factor

The other reason I say you shouldn’t worry is because as a reader of my blog (and hopefully a member of Future Health Now!) you’re not as vulnerable to the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine.

A healthy body, not already clogged with toxins, can purge the few drops of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde found in most vaccines. Your immune system may have to battle a little with the dead flu strain they inject but you’ll survive.

The reactions caused by vaccines are most likely part of a synergistic relationship with other negative influences in people’s lifestyle – ranging form environmental to dietary to exercise to psychological. If someone’s body and mind is already abused by many years of stress and neglect – then, yes, a toxic vaccination may be all they need to tip them over the edge.

But, if you’ve been doing your best to live a healthy, natural life, then you have “credit” in your health account. Accidents and injuries happen to the healthiest and nicest people. That’s why you don’t want to waste your physical and mental health on junk food, idleness, cheap personal care products, constant “busyness” and endless hours of TV.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect – Just Consistent

The way to a balanced life is weighing the pros and cons of each situation and determining which produces the BETTER results. Nothing is ever going to be perfect.

Avoiding the H1N1 is not worth having your children taken into protective custody (where they’ll get a flu shot anyways). It’s not worth losing your job if your place of employment requires you have a vaccination (unless you hate your boss.)

If one way leads to a dead end, then you need to figure out how to make the less desirable route work. Next blog post I’ll give you some specific strategies for reducing you or your child’s risk of suffering a vaccine reaction.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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