In response to my message last Thursday (about how inner conflicts may be the root cause of all diseases according to German New Medicine) a reader commented:

“What conflict causes dear little babies or young children to have cancer and other deadly diseases? I don’t totally agree…” – Evelyn

There are at least five explanations…

1. A Rough Start: After living in a dark, warm womb for nine cozy months a doctor typically yanks them out of their mother into a cold and blindingly bright world. Next, someone slaps them and they start crying. That’s how life begins. I can see a little bit of conflict going on there.

2. Speed: According to German New Medicine, the faster the initial conflict takes place, the more difficult the resulting health issues. Something that may not have frightened an adult may have caused a newborn quite a lot of distress, quite quickly. Even just a loud noise or someone banging into a wall while carrying them.

3. Fetal Feelings: Unborn children are aware of so much for those nine months in the womb. Many experiments have demonstrated that newborn babies truly do recognize the voices of their mother. There is a saying that “the ears never close.” The environment, experiences and emotions of the mother and the father are shared with their unborn child. Conflicts the mother experiences or conflicts with being pregnant may directly affect the child.

4. Ancestors: Conflict may very well be passed on in our DNA. Our ancestors may have been exposed to certain environmental challenges and hardships that may not even exist today… but still live on in our DNA.  (I have a story to tell you about my own experience with this that I’ll share in a future message.)

5. Reincarnation: The majority of people on our planet – mainly in Asia – believe that after a temporary afterlife state our souls are reborn in new bodies. It was even accepted by early Christians until 553 A.D. I’m not saying you should believe in reincarnation but from a non-attached scientific point of view it would definitely explain why we tend to come into this world with seemingly preordained psychological propensities. Unresolved conflicts from past lives may continue to trouble us in this life, producing disease from the moment we are born. Or we bring these notions with us from the “Guf.” (More on the Guf in the future.)

So, those are just a few ways to explain why newborn babies can experience illnesses arising from unresolved emotional conflict. And, more importantly by understanding the possible psychological sources of their health problems we can help them heal. The operative word is Love.


Carolyn Dean MD ND

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