As the American government gears up to turn schools into vaccination clinics, many readers have asked me to talk about the H1N1 shot.

In an upcoming blog post I’ll share some specific advice on how you and your children can avoid the “mandatory” injection. Today, I wanted to explain why I think the H1N1 vaccine is a hundred times more dangerous than the virus.

If you’re a regular reader, you are more than familiar with my disapproval of mass vaccination programs (see “Never Cry PIG!”). While I’m normally against vaccines, I’m doubly against the new H1N1 inoculation.

Insufficient Testing

The manufacturers (I refuse to call them scientists) produced this vaccine way too quickly under pretext of an “international emergency.” (The virus has hardly proven itself more dangerous than the common flu – I consider the “emergency” purely hypothetical hysteria.)

Because of this rushed production, no proper, long-term testing has been done on this new vaccine. Severe side-effects usually take weeks or months to appear. Do you want to volunteer as a guinea pig?

Not only may the vaccine do much harm – there’s no evidence it will do any good. Again, no one has had a chance to test it. And as the media likes to remind us the swine flu is scheduled to mutate in the autumn – rendering any vaccine formula created for the swine flu 1.0 absolutely useless.

Britain’s Trial Balloon

In the UK, the swine flu vaccine has been rushed through safety checks according to a London Times article. In the comments section is overwhelming against getting the jab.

So Why Are They Doing This?

H1N1’s “threat to humanity” comes solely through a media-sensationalized THEORY. Hardly seems enough to warrant full scale vaccination.

Next blog post I’ll give you my top six theories as to why the government would make such a potentially dangerous and unproven vaccine mandatory.


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