Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

The ability to turn your trials into triumph is often the difference in how successful you feel in your lifestyle. This pillar starts helping you unveil new ways to bring about transformation and positive change in your life. Learn techniques to relieve stress, help reprogram your unsupportive subconscious, and equip you to face and overcome your obstacles. Find fresh meditations and proven techniques to help you reach goals that once may have seemed out of reach.

Mind Over Matter will include the following topics:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Meditations and Affirmations
  • Destressing Your Subconscious
  • Being The Difference In Your Being

Introduction to Mind Over Matter

This pillar will explore the issue of Mind Over Matter and how the ability to turn trials into triumph can have a transformational impact on people’s lives, helping them to make positive changes and feel more successful.

As Dr. Carolyn Dean indicates, nutrition is key to brain health. In terms of helping people to sleep and relieve stress, some of the most effective vitamins and minerals are B vitamins, which are also critical to the nervous system, enabling the body to transform food into energy. B vitamins can be helpful for those who feel nervous or fatigued. Unfortunately, due to nutrient-destroying farming and cooking practices, even a healthy diet may not provide sufficient B vitamins today. Learn more about B vitamins and the key roles they play in the human body by viewing the embedded PDF.

Dr Carolyn Dean

A person’s subconscious mind can at times be their best friend, and at others, their greatest saboteur. Psychologists point out that the unconscious dictates daily actions, thoughts, and even involuntary bodily functions, potentially affecting overall health to a significant degree. Sometimes referred to as the ‘labyrinth of the mind’, the unconscious is a mysterious place, with many of its intricacies and activities hidden from human consciousness.

It is crucial for the individual to take control of their mind, just as they take charge of their body. Willpower and right thinking are not enough in isolation. After all, how can right thinking occur if the mind is programmed otherwise? The first step to taking control of the unconscious is to register how its pervasive influence guides actions and thoughts, causing the individual to make decisions on autopilot, without conscious thought.

Emotional intelligence is crucial in terms of managing challenging situations and looking at problems calmly to find the right solution. In terms of building emotional intelligence and self-awareness, meditations and affirmations can be incredibly helpful.

When used correctly, the unconscious mind wields great power to relieve stress and anxiety. Simple practices such as being mindful of thoughts, focusing on positivity and happiness, and keeping busy while listening to relaxing music can all go a long way towards leveraging the power of the subconscious to heal the body and mind. Learn more about mindfulness by viewing the embedded video.

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