Energizing Exercise

Energizing Exercise

Energizing Exercise

Even the mention of the word exercise can create a misunderstanding of what your body needs to maintain its flexibility and range of motion. Exercise doesn’t have to be tiresome or include heavy weights to be effective. This pillar is about helping you rethink what you need in an exercise routine no matter where you are on your health journey. Learn how to develop a routine that includes all areas of your body without overworking anything. Prepare your own exercise plan combining your new knowledge without introducing risky techniques.

Energizing Exercise will include the following topics:

  • Range of Motion
  • Stretching and Staying Flexible
  • Focusing on More Than Muscle
  • Leveled Programs That Fit You

Energizing Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

This pillar will explore energizing exercise. We all know that exercise forms a key component of living a healthy lifestyle. However, what many people do not yet comprehend is the many forms that exercise can take. We can improve our health without using heavy weights or moving until we are tired out. Certain simple routines can be introduced that can have enormous benefits yet do not require overworking your body. 

Dr. Carolyn Dean has produced several articles about how to live a better lifestyle by adding energizing exercises to your daily routine, offering tips on a variety of exercises. You can read about the SuperBrain Yoga technique in the PDF attachment. 

Dr Carolyn Dean

The Spinal Twist

The spinal twist can be performed either standing up or lying on the floor. This exercise has many benefits, including nourishing the sympathetic nervous system and spinal nerves, providing relief for pain in the lower back, hips and spine, and supporting healthy digestion. For a standing spinal twist, simply stand straight with your feet close together. Raise both arms to shoulder height in front of you and turn your palms inwards to face each other. Twist your arms and torso to one side while breathing out, twisting at the neck, shoulders, chest and waist rather than the hips. Look over your shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. To finish, gently release the pose, shake out your arms and repeat on the opposite side. 

The infographic attachment looks at the top five health benefits of increasing your flexibility through exercise. 

The Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum exercise has its origins in ancient India, practiced by yogis to strengthen the colon, which many people do not realize is a muscle. While the act of eating naturally exercises this muscle, the stomach vacuum exercise helps build even more strength. To perform this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your thighs, with your fingers pointing downwards. Lean over slightly and inhale as deeply as possible, then exhale completely. Pull your lower abdominal muscles in as far as you can, then press them down. Repeat as many times as you comfortably can before you need to take a breath. 

In the short video attachment, you can learn more about the health benefits of walking backwards.

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